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    Qingfeng Xu (China)

    18 x 18 cm


    Board books with 9 die-cut pages

    4/4 colour

    Target age:

    Titles available:
    Deep Into the Earth
    Up Into Space

    The die-cut holes in this series are cleverly positioned in the scenes to entice young readers to explore deep into the earth and up into space! Deep into the Earth: Our little hero Alex is playing in the garden with his adorable puppy and his magic spade. They find a hole and Alex can’t resist digging down a bit deeper to see what he can find. He uncovers an ear thworm burrow, an ant hole, a rabbit hole, underground castles and even dinosaur fossils. Up into the Space: Alex is curious about the sky as well. One night, he dreams a bean seed sprouts in the garden and that it grows taller and taller. Curiously, he climbs higher and higher and on the way up, meets sparrows, swallows, eagles and vultures, then through the clouds to the moon, the Milky Way and even encounters with aliens! What an adventure!

    Qingfeng Xu graduated from the Nanjing Art College. Currently a freelance artist and picture book illustrator, he has worked as a graphic designer, original game creator, and editor. He received the Golden Windmill International Young Illustrator Competition Excellence Award from the Shanghai China Children’s Book Fair and his hobbies include wood carving and leather art.

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