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    Text & Illustrations:
    NICOMAMA Group

    17.5 x 17.5 cm


    Board books with shaped magnets

    4/4 colour

    Target age:

    Titles available:
    I Want to Be a Little Engineer
    It’s Dark But Shiny
    Let's Brush Our Teeth!

    This is a brand new series designed for young children to develop four aspects of the cognitive experience: knowledge, language, emotions and living habits. Each book, each one with a different attractive and fun theme for the child in the age of cognitive development, will be equipped with special magnets of the most varied shapes that will allow children to interact with the text and images, creating a fun learning and entertainment path. Moving and repositioning the magnets according to their different shapes, will enhance the interaction while reading, and exercise the hands-on ability so important for little children of this age group and at the same time let them see and know the world around them.

    This series is created by the teaching and research team NICOMAMA, which is a well known company in China specialized in parenting, teaching aid and children books. The team is formed by professional editors, designers, illustrators, scientific experts and has great influence in the field of maternal and child care in China. NICOMAMA can boast over 35 million followers on the social media platforms in China

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