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    S&S Alliance

    Bea Lema (Spain)

    17 x 17 cm


    Board books with 6 spreads

    4/4 colour

    Target age:

    Titles available:
    I Want to Eat!
    I Want to Sleep!
    I want to Poo!
    I want a Bath!

    Funny folders for children to develop good habits while eating, sleeping, pooping and bathing! There are Funny, fold-out concertina books to learn good habits for eating, sleeping, washing and pooing! The first five of the six panels portray animals in a variety of situations while the final panel pictures what children should do in same situation. As children unfold the books, they see a small image first, then flip the book out to see a bigger version with simple text. The lesson is that all animals have their habits, and we need to learn good ones as humans too!

    Bea Lema is a comic artist and illustrator, born in A Coruna, Spain, in 1985. After a degree in Product Design from her local university, she began her professional career in 2010 working for a famous ceramic company before moving into freelance work in 2013, creating images for products and the media. In 2018, she published her first comic book The Body of Christ and won the XII Comic Price
    Castelao, awarded by the Diputacion de A Coruna.

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