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    Giulia Lombardo (Italy)

    21 x 21 cm


    Board books with pop-up pages and flaps

    4/4 colour

    Target age:

    Titles available:
    Amazing Tails

    Planned titles:
    Amazing Noses

    There are millions of animals in the world. Most animals have eyes, noses, tails and feet. However, some organs of some animals have magical functions that other animals do not have. Open this popular science picture book and let the children learn more about these unique animals, and see what kind of “superior abilities” their eyes, nose, tail and paws have! In order to allow children to easily grasp the relevant knowledge, each page of each book has selected a pair of animals for comparison-those with special functions and those without special functions. In addition, each page of this series has a sliding mechanism, which cleverly displays the special functions of animal organs. The exquisite pictures created by the well-known Italian illustrator Giulia Lombardo, coupled with concise explanatory text, anthropomorphic dialogue and monologue design between animals, this series of popular science books will attract children to immerse themselves in an interesting and wonderful journey of animal exploration.

    I was born on the cold Christmas Eve of 1991. I live in Florence, the most beautiful city in the world, like all proud Florentines always say. I live and work in my little house surrounded by cats, dogs, rabbits and a particularly cute chicken named Calimero. I graduated as an Entertainment Designer at the Nemo Academy of Digital Arts in 2013 and since then, I have worked as a children’s illustrator. I collaborate with publishing houses and brands all around the world, among which are Usborne Publishing, White Star Kids, National Geographic Kids, Clementoni. From 2018 I am a member of the illustration group Le Vanvere.

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