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    S&S Alliance

    Qingfeng Xu

    19 x 19 cm


    Board books with 9 die-cut pages

    4/4 colours

    Titles available:
    Deep Into the Earth
    Up Into the Space

    This is a series with amazing die-cutting holes, in which the holes is smartly connected to the subjects and inspire children to explore the animals, the earth and the space! Deep into the Earth: Duoduo, our little hero, gets a magical spade and one day, he and his adorable puppy finds a hole in the garden. And Duoduo can’t help digging down in curiosity. Digging after digging he comes across a earthworm hole, a ant hole, a rabbit hole, underground castles and even dinosaur fossils. Up into the space: But Duoduo is also curious about the sky. One night, he dreams of a bean seed sprouting in the garden. The seed plant grows taller and taller, he climbs up to satisfy his curiosity and it is then that he comes across with sparrows, swallows, eagles, vultures, clouds, with the moon, the Milky Way and even with aliens. What an adventure!

    Qingfeng Xu graduated from the Nanjing Art College. His work experience includes graphic designing, original gaming, editing and he works now as a freelance artist, cooperating with many publishers and companies for picture books illustration. Among his hobbies there is wood carving and leather art. Qingfeng was awarded the Golden Windmill International Young Illustrator Competition Excellence Award by Shanghai China Children Book Fair.

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