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    S&S Alliance

    Miya Du (China)

    18 x 18 cm


    Board books with 6 mechanisms

    4/4 colour

    Target age:

    Titles available:
    Growing up
    Magic mimicry
    Who's hiding?

    Animals can work magic! The three titles in this series show young readers just what these magical transformations are, using three different mechanisms to spark their imaginations and fire their desire to learn more about the natural world. The first title explores baby and adult animals in vivid detail, using amazing pop-ups which bounce out to show how a larva becomes a dragonfly, for example. In the second title on mimicry, revolving mechanisms illustrate the transformation animals use to protect themselves from predators or how butterflies disguise themselves as owls. Slide and pull tabs in the third title reveal how animals can blend into their surroundings to avoid predators, such as a leaf-tail gecko who survives by hiding in some dead leaves. A truly fascinating series!

    Chinese illustrator Miya Du lives in Shanghai and creates picture books published in China and abroad. Her Cats Weaving Wool was chosen for the BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition and her The Fish of Seven Seconds Memory was selected for the Teheran International Book Fair (2019) and the Bratislava Illustrators Biennale.

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